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Former Edmonton registered representative Henry Ian Thor settles with the ASC for market manipulation

Jun 03, 2019

CALGARY – June 3, 2019 – The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has concluded a Settlement Agreement and Undertaking with Henry Ian Thor of Edmonton, a former registered representative at a financial services firm. Thor admitted to a breach of Alberta securities laws relating to a series of improper transactions, on behalf of a client, in shares of a publicly traded company.

The Settlement Agreement outlines that Thor repeatedly entered bids on behalf of a client for shares late in the trading day that were higher than the last trade of the day, resulting in at least 25 high close transactions. The practice of repeatedly entering high bids late in the trading day, leading to high close trades, is a manipulative strategy intended to raise the closing trade price or bid price for a stock from what it would be under the ordinary operation of supply and demand for a security. Thor admitted that he ought to have known that the high close purchases may result in, or contribute to, a false or misleading appearance of trading activity and an artificial price for a security.

As part of the Settlement Agreement, Thor paid the ASC $40,000 and agreed that for a period of four years, with limited exceptions, he will refrain from trading in or purchasing any securities or derivatives.

A copy of the Settlement Agreement is available at

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